Anaheim Car Accident leaves Two People Dead After Crashing Into Wall

On Sunday night around 10:00 pm, a car crash left two people dead and another seriously injured in Anaheim.  The vehicle was speeding in a residential area when the driver crashed into parked cars and then through a six foot brick wall.

There were three occupants in the vehicle, the drive was identified as Hector Manzo who was 23 years old.  The other two passengers were identified as 33 year old Georgina Gallegos and her 15 year old son.  Everyone was ejected from the vehicle and Hector and Georgina were pronounced dead at the scene.  The teenager sustained serious injuries, but will be able to recover, said Anaheim authorities.  

Tragically, car accidents happen frequently in the Anaheim area.  Our Orange County attorneys are dedicated, experienced and will fight to ensure our clients legal rights are protected after an Anaheim motor vehicle accident.