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Here Are California’s Wrongful Death Laws

If a person caused the death of someone, regardless if it was due to negligence, or malice, surviving family members could submit a wrongful death claim with the goal of receiving financial compensation for their loss. Due to the standard of proof in a wrongful death case being less strict than criminal cases, it’s common […]

Information on Traffic Laws in 2017

Often, accidents and tickets can disproportionately affect the low-income. Thankfully, California has begun to mitigate this by ending the suspension of driver’s licenses due to unpaid traffic tickets. Los Angeles has shown itself to have the worst drivers in the country, and the rest of the state is, unfortunately, not far behind. Luckily for us, […]

Accident Resulting in Paralysis

The diagnosis of paralysis following an accidental injury is frightening to accident victims and their families. Despite the great advancements made in medicine, particularly in microsurgery and diagnostic imaging of the spine and spinal cord, it is often months later before the final extent of paralysis can be determined. Paralysis is due to a disruption […]

Obtaining Justice in a Hit and Run Accident Case

If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, you are not alone. Hundreds of people are injured each year in California in a hit and run accidents, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. Part of obtaining justice in a hit and run accident case involves obtaining optimal compensation for your […]

Government Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are abundant in California, due to busy roadways and distracted drivers. While it is never pleasant dealing with injuries from an accident, it can be even more difficult if government vehicles are involved. The following is an overview of the law as it pertains to government vehicle accidents and what to do if […]

Distracted driving and the need for a personal injury lawyer

Distracted driving is now a major menace which poses serious threats to drivers, other motorists and persons on the roadways. The distracted driving statistics are startling, with about 3, 179 people killed in 2014 and 431, 000 injuries in the same year. Distracted driving is an issue for drivers of all ages. However, it is […]

Cell Phone Related Car Accidents

Car accidents are on the rise in California due to heavy traffic flow and distracted driving. According to the California Office Of Traffic Safety, 80 percent of all car accidents involve some driver inattention. Below is an overview of California personal injury law and how it can help you if you have been hurt in […]

Uber Car Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver

Early Tuesday morning 29-year-old Julia Gardner was killed in an accident after a BMW collided with a Uber car that had picked her up from work around 1:30 a.m. According to officials, a 19-year-old was driving a BMW when he struck the passenger side of the Uber car that was carrying Gardner and a 29-year-old male of […]