Information on Traffic Laws in 2017

Often, accidents and tickets can disproportionately affect the low-income. Thankfully, California has begun to mitigate this by ending the suspension of driver’s licenses due to unpaid traffic tickets. Los Angeles has shown itself to have the worst drivers in the country, and the rest of the state is, unfortunately, not far behind. Luckily for us, there are personal injury attorneys available to help in situations like these.

Accidents are costly when we solely consider property damage, but become much more costly when we consider the time missed from work due to jail time or injury, the costs of court, and the future income lost due to the effects of the accident. All of this can be lessened by hiring a personal injury attorney. Having an attorney can keep you out of jail and able to keep working while your case is considered. An attorney, especially a specialized attorney, will be familiar with the law and the extent to which your situation can be bettered. They will have a good idea as to whether you can win your case or not. They will likely think of defenses you had not considered.

If you are the person that has been injured, it’s important to have someone that advocates on your behalf. Again, the attorney will be familiar with the law, and likely be familiar with the amount you will be able to receive from your injuries. They will know, for instance, to find out whether the other driver had insurance so that you will be able to settle outside of court. They will also likely be the ones to negotiate a settlement so that you do not have to spend time haggling or fighting to be taken care of.

That’s why, whether you have injured someone or have been injured yourself, it is essential to retain an attorney. This will be easier for victims because their payment is traditionally a percentage of their settlement if they receive one. Usually, if the victim does not win, the attorney does not get paid. It is different if you are the one that hurt someone. You will have to pay out of pocket, but bear in mind the costs of not having an attorney far outweigh the cost of retaining one. Being able to keep your job and relationships is an immeasurable costs savings. Any jail time at all can take years to recover from.

Truck Driver Flees After Colliding With Teen Cyclist In Santa Ana

Early Monday morning truck driver 49-year-old Sylmar resident Filemon Reynaga was making his daily route when he struck and killed 19-year-old Manuel Rodriguez of Fullerton while making a turn onto Orangewood Avenue in Anaheim.

Surveillance video from a local business caught the semi-truck slowing as he made the blind right-hand turn but did not stop.  The semi-truck then ran over Rodriguez and then began to drag his bike and body.

Once Filemon realized what had happened, he exited the truck and examined the body then proceeded to enter his truck and flee the scene.  He was then arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run and misdemeanor manslaughter.

During Reynaga’s trial, Orange County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Cornwell stated to the jury how the semi-truck struck 19-year-old Rodriguez, demolishing his bike and throwing his body into the center of the road.

Reynaga’s defense attorney Chaim Magnum explained to the jury that he did not plan to fight the prosecutors’ description of the collision. However, he reminded the jury that to find his client guilty, the prosecutor has to prove that his client was aware the he struck Rodriguez.

Michael Villareal witnessed the accident that Monday morning and was asked to testify. Villareal when to describe as he pulled over to call 911, he could see the driver walking alongside the truck.

“He walked up to the body and was looking at it,” Villareal said.“How close did this person get to the body in the road,” Cornwell asked. “About 5 feet or less,” Villareal responded.

As Villareal was talking to the 911 operator, a second vehicle had hit Rodriguez’s body.  By that time, the semi-truck had fled the scene of the accident.

“I was looking down and I heard a screech of tires, and I saw another car hit the bike and hit the body and drag it,” Villareal said, noting that the second driver pulled over to the curb, looked under his car, saw the body and “put his hands on his head.”

Any type of accident can be devastating to those involved and even to loved ones. If you have been involved in an accident in Orange County and are not sure what to do? Contact our dedicated attorneys at Guldjian Law today.

Uber Car Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver

Early Tuesday morning 29-year-old Julia Gardner was killed in an accident after a BMW collided with a Uber car that had picked her up from work around 1:30 a.m. According to officials, a 19-year-old was driving a BMW when he struck the passenger side of the Uber car that was carrying Gardner and a 29-year-old male of Huntington Beach accompanying her that morning.  Gardner worked at a the Ecco Pizzeria and Bar.

The driver of the Ford Escape SUI used as a Uber vehicle was identified as 43-year-old Frank Rugnetta of Irvine. The 19-year-old driver of the BMW was identified as Porfirio Sandoval of Costa Mesa and was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI, his bail was set at $100,000.  Gardner and the male passenger were both transported to Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana for chest injuries sustained in the accident. Tragically, Julia Gardner was pronounced dead at 3:36 a.m. that morning according to the Orange County coroner’s office.

The Uber driver Rugnetta was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange County for chest injuries. Costa Mesa Police stated that 19-year-old Sandoval also complained of chest pains and was transported to Hoag Hospital.

It is a tragedy that the Julia Gardner was killed that morning, but it also reminds us of how deadly car accidents can be. If you or a loved one have been injured in an Costa Mesa car accident, contact our personal injury attorneys today.  With the assistance of the experienced attorneys at Guldjian Law, you will be assured that your legal matters are in the right hands and can expect a positive outcome from your accident.

Two Killed And Five Injured In Irvine Crash

Multiple people were injured and killed in a car accident on I-5, early Thursday morning.  The accident was reported in Irvine around 4:00 a.m. between the Jeffrey Road and Culver Drive exits.  A total of five people were injured and two have been pronounced dead on scene.  More than five cars were involved with debris and pieces of cars lying scattered all over the freeway, the accident spread over 100 yards along I-5, Irvine officials reported.

California Highway Patrol believe the driver of a Acura, a 19 year old woman, pulled over to help another driver who became disabled in the carpool lane.  A few moments go by when a Toyota Camry clips the disabled car which sends the Camry into the right lane of traffic, and it is struck by three other vehicles.

Tragically, events like this can bring emotional and financial turmoil to the families who’s loved ones were involved in a serious car accident.  If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in Irvine, it is important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible.  Our dedicated Orange County accident attorneys have a deep understanding of California personal injury laws and we are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of our clients.

Huntington Beach Car Accident Leaves Two People Dead

Early Friday morning around 5:00 a.m., police received a call about a car accident between Ellis Avenue and Main Street.  According to the investigation, a Honda Civic was heading westbound on Ellis Avenue at high speeds when the driver failed to maintain control as he approached the turn on Main Street.

The car then crashed directly into a palm tree, both driver and passenger were killed on impact.  Police have not released the names of the two victims, but are still investigating if alcohol or drugs also played a factor in the accident.

Unfortunately, tragic accidents similar to this are not uncommon in the Orange County area.  If you or loved one have been involved in an auto accident in Huntington Beach and are in need of legal help, contact our dedicated Orange County injury attorneys today.

High School Students Killed In Horrific Car Accident In Newport Beach

Newport Beach authorities responded to a report about a car that had crashed around 5:00 p.m. Monday evening.  The Infiniti sedan was found split in half and on fire, four of five occupants were ejected and died on impact. The fifth occupant was declared dead later on that night at a local hospital.

Everyone in the vehicle was identified as students who attended Irvine High School except the driver, he was identified as 17 year old Abdulrahman Alyahyan who attended University High School.  The major factor of the accident was excessive speeding according to officials.

Sadly, auto accidents similar to this one do occur frequently in the Orange County area.  Car accidents can bring turmoil and pain to the families and individuals who were involved in tragic auto accidents.

Our personal injury lawyers understand how a car accident can have an impact on the people involved.  If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Santa Ana or any other area of Orange County, contact our experienced Orange County personal injury lawyers today.

Young Costa Mesa Motorcyclist Killed In Collision

On the evening of September 2nd, police and paramedics responded to a call about an accident in Costa Mesa around 6:00 p.m.  The accident took place at the Walnut Street and Santa Ana Avenue intersection, with a Jeep Cherokee and a motorcycle being involved.

The 29 year old who was driving the Jeep was heading east on Walnut Street through Santa Ana Avenue when the motorcyclist, heading southbound, slammed into the driver’s side of the vehicle.  The motorcyclist was identified as Richard Williams and taken to the Western Medical Center where he was pronounced dead later that night.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents similar to this occur all over the Orange County area.  If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Costa Mesa and in need of legal representation, our Orange County accident law firm is experienced, dedicated and ready to ensure our clients legal rights are protected.

Anaheim Car Accident leaves Two People Dead After Crashing Into Wall

On Sunday night around 10:00 pm, a car crash left two people dead and another seriously injured in Anaheim.  The vehicle was speeding in a residential area when the driver crashed into parked cars and then through a six foot brick wall.

There were three occupants in the vehicle, the drive was identified as Hector Manzo who was 23 years old.  The other two passengers were identified as 33 year old Georgina Gallegos and her 15 year old son.  Everyone was ejected from the vehicle and Hector and Georgina were pronounced dead at the scene.  The teenager sustained serious injuries, but will be able to recover, said Anaheim authorities.  

Tragically, car accidents happen frequently in the Anaheim area.  Our Orange County attorneys are dedicated, experienced and will fight to ensure our clients legal rights are protected after an Anaheim motor vehicle accident.

Man Killed After Driving Car Into Brick Wall

Early Tuesday morning, Yorba Linda police were informed about a car accident in which a driver had crashed his car into a backyard wall of a house around 3 a.m.  Authorities assume the driver drove his Ford Focus through a T-intersection and into the wall, sending debris through the window and door of the house.

The accident took place between Bastanchury Road and Village Center Drive, the driver was heading east on Bastanchury then drove straight through the intersection into the wall.  When authorities arrived on the scene, the vehicle remained on top of the broken brick wall.  No other party was involved in the accident, but the driver was pronounced dead at the scene.


Man Arrested For DUI After Crashing Into Power Pole

Early Wednesday morning police received a call about a car crashing into a power pole in Tustin, CA.  A total of 17 residences were affected by the car accident that knocked out their power.   Police arrived to find Ty Hosman, 34 years of age, crashed into the pole on Red Hill Avenue around 1:00 a.m.

Hosman was uninjured and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, police then used a patrol car to blocked off the street in fear of the power pole would fall over.  A hour after making the arrest, a vehicle collides into the patrol car blocking the street, injuring the officer inside.  Edmundo Rosas, 20 years old, was arrested for driving under the influence.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a car accident in Tustin, it is important that you call an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney.  Our experienced lawyers are dedicated and ready to fight for your legal rights.