Information on Traffic Laws in 2017

Often, accidents and tickets can disproportionately affect the low-income. Thankfully, California has begun to mitigate this by ending the suspension of driver’s licenses due to unpaid traffic tickets. Los Angeles has shown itself to have the worst drivers in the country, and the rest of the state is, unfortunately, not far behind. Luckily for us, there are personal injury attorneys available to help in situations like these.

Accidents are costly when we solely consider property damage, but become much more costly when we consider the time missed from work due to jail time or injury, the costs of court, and the future income lost due to the effects of the accident. All of this can be lessened by hiring a personal injury attorney. Having an attorney can keep you out of jail and able to keep working while your case is considered. An attorney, especially a specialized attorney, will be familiar with the law and the extent to which your situation can be bettered. They will have a good idea as to whether you can win your case or not. They will likely think of defenses you had not considered.

If you are the person that has been injured, it’s important to have someone that advocates on your behalf. Again, the attorney will be familiar with the law, and likely be familiar with the amount you will be able to receive from your injuries. They will know, for instance, to find out whether the other driver had insurance so that you will be able to settle outside of court. They will also likely be the ones to negotiate a settlement so that you do not have to spend time haggling or fighting to be taken care of.

That’s why, whether you have injured someone or have been injured yourself, it is essential to retain an attorney. This will be easier for victims because their payment is traditionally a percentage of their settlement if they receive one. Usually, if the victim does not win, the attorney does not get paid. It is different if you are the one that hurt someone. You will have to pay out of pocket, but bear in mind the costs of not having an attorney far outweigh the cost of retaining one. Being able to keep your job and relationships is an immeasurable costs savings. Any jail time at all can take years to recover from.