Two Killed And Five Injured In Irvine Crash

Multiple people were injured and killed in a car accident on I-5, early Thursday morning.  The accident was reported in Irvine around 4:00 a.m. between the Jeffrey Road and Culver Drive exits.  A total of five people were injured and two have been pronounced dead on scene.  More than five cars were involved with debris and pieces of cars lying scattered all over the freeway, the accident spread over 100 yards along I-5, Irvine officials reported.

California Highway Patrol believe the driver of a Acura, a 19 year old woman, pulled over to help another driver who became disabled in the carpool lane.  A few moments go by when a Toyota Camry clips the disabled car which sends the Camry into the right lane of traffic, and it is struck by three other vehicles.

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